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Tuesday, December 1

what the heck, mom?

so yesterday, when i came home i got in the shower then ate then i was dancing in my underwear just minding my own business. out of nowhere, i hear the door open and immediately run for cover and slide on my pants. "Asberry, come here! i need your help!" my mom yells and im wondering why the heck she's home so early, she was cutting in on my underwear dancing time!
i look out the window and i see this ↓

a u-haul truck.
turn out my mom decided
"oh, im just gonna buy a random bedroom set that we have no space for cuz our house is too small"
it was like 32 dollars, which is nice, but not when you cant use it!!
or even better, that pair of shoes she's been saying she'd get me for the past 3 years...
long story short:
there's a bedroom set collecting dust in my livingroom.

then today, i got out the shower
and sat down at the computer to change the song
and the static from the screen tried to get my hair

wow, i'm SO ugly.
(and i was too lazy to edit it)

~in the meanwhile~
i'm eating home-made nachos

not the best, but its still edible, which im fine with lol

1 comment:

Mina said...

Nachos! Your not ugly, but your hair looks funny standing up like that! My Mom does that stuff to, buys stuff when we don't need it.

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