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Thursday, December 3

~Love on the mind~

on higher note, maybe around middle C, i cant stop thinking about Nicko.
he's pretty amazing ♥♥ i love him so much
this morning we were talking and he said he tells his friend that i'm the best girlfriend because im so loyal and would never cheat on him :) he said its one of his favorite things about me!
thats what helped distract me from the evil teachers at school
*my heads in the clouds*
*sigh* ~♥

then after school,
grandma picked me up from art club and bought me a ranch BLT from McDonald's

mmmmm...if only that filled me up lol

1 comment:

Mina said...

*eats your food* I'm glad your boyfriend got your mind off them dumb teachers. Aww! ^_^

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