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Wednesday, December 2

playing with colors in pity.

dont pay any attention to that picture, i  was bored...but anyway, i've been blogwalking these past few weeks and i've come across many fashion blogs...it reminded me of one of the things i really want to do...i want to be a Model. but it's IMPOSSIBLE. people tell me i'm pretty, but thats not the issue here...well, actually it is, i have bad skin. but the real issue: i'm 4 feet and 10 inches tall...i'm legally a midget. Model's have to be at the very least 5' 6" and i've stopped growing. i can play music, i can sing, i can dance, i can act, i can draw, paint...but the one thing i want to do, is what i'm incapable of doing. It's like my dream job, but who am i kidding? if all of a sudden the world changes and short models are welcome, im there! but that will never happen...

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Mina said...

Well, don't be so sure, because you know on America's Next Top Model this cycle, they had girls as short as 5'3! So you never know, Tyra might do a cycle where everyone is shorter than that! Btw, I love that pic!!

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