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Thursday, December 3

VENTING >>>=O ?!

okay, so today started out bad— my bf had a bad dream...but then it got better cuz i made him feel better =D then it got better again because i was talking to Erica and playing with the bearded dragon and the baby gerbil in Animal Care ^-^ then it got bad again in the next class...


okay, so i go to second block class...which is English III.. today we were getting new books to read for the next section and the book is The Great Gatspy. she said its like The Notebook, which i hated (alot) but its still a bookso i gotta read it.
The deal with this teacher: since the beginning, she's been pretty ignorant towards me. she sat me in front of the class, for one. She would take my paper and use it as an example for the class then wouldnt give it back, i would raise my hand to ask but she always ignores my hand! then she'll write notes on my papers and call my mom saying im failing her class because i dont do the work...WELL ITS HARD TO DO THE WORK WHEN YOUR TEACHER TAKES IT! AND EVEN HARDER WHEN YOUR RAISED HAND IS IGNORED!! i was supposed to do a college essay last quarter, but every day i raised my hand and she never answered! one day she finally stopped at my computer but left a second later, then the next time she said she'd get back to me and never came back.
also, near the beginning of the year, we were talking about the salem witch trials because it was something that scared my friend. she was giving examples of how they chose people and that they randomly just pointed at a girl and proclaimed her a witch. well, she decided to act it out. guess who she pointed at. *points at self*

Today, when we were getting our books, she said they were all new. she stops at my desk first, which i was surprised about and put a book on my desk. it wasnt new...it was bent up, written in and the binding is coming off. i looked around and everyone else had shiny new books.
here's some pictures, not too clear but this book isnt as "new" as everyone elses. and i didnt do that writing, the only thing i write with is a green marker

 but yea, i was pretty much infuriated. and i take offence to that.

1 comment:

Mina said...

You know what I would do, the next time she ignores you, throw a freakin' chair at her head! But this is so wrong! Have you told your mother about this?!?!

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