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Tuesday, November 16

happy mood ~

~ not alot of makeup today ~
(took these when i first woke up)
i have a happy since last night ~
finally!! hopefully it will not leave just yet~ but it might ~
i am very scared for the upcoming  days, from tomaro all the way thru next monday, i will probably be in a  very very bad mood if i am not distracted
 yesterday nicko asked me to meet him at the bowling alley after school, so i rode my bike to there (its only a short ride) but it took longer than i thought from having to cross the street so many times
i only got to stay for a short time... i think less than an hour >.< i was really sad when i left... i wanted more attention  ...he was bowling with his friend Tommy. i cant bowl >.< i bowl a 42... thats really bad!!! tommy bowled like a 170-something and i was like  when he got 5 strikes in a row... but then nick got 2 strikes and tommy started to get unlucky *giggles mischeviously* i dont like Tommy so i wanted him to do bad xD
when i got home you know what time it is!
 you know it :)
he was all sweet the whole time ^_^
at one point i had my webcam on and forgot it was on then started doing my hair
and since i forgot it was on, i didnt know he was watching me and i started to do my hair
he text me and said "ur so pretty aw" and i blushed everywhere!!!
then he called me back a few minutes later.
i could get used to this haha

and this pixel i made for me and rabbito-chan ♥
our friendship means so much to me :)
i'm making a few more of these :)
candytuft, aidyl and koo: you should all keep watch! i'm making yours soon ^_^
i love you all so much
you guys help me through everything and i ♥ you guys forever!
you're all true friends :)

1 comment:

Koo said...

Omg, I read my name on that and I was like soooooooooooooooooooo excited :D :D hahah!
I love youuu berry!

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