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Wednesday, November 17

was nervous... but not anymore =)

was just in a pic editing mood today ^_^
just really quick photoscaping...but they are cute, right?
i was super nervous this morning
i was so scared today was going to be a really bad day
nicko didnt text me this morning so i was scared >.<
but i text him and we talked so i was happy ^_^
this morning i was a little too excited xD
he was like "CALM DOWN!" cuz i said bad things >.<
but he knows he likes it xD
even though today has turned to start really good,
i probably still wont be so talkative with my classmates
because alot of the time they just annoy me >_<
 then i get super irritated!!!
 i wanna keep my good mood all day long :)
and my mommy's surgery is tomaro
everyone please keep her in your thoughts and prayers
 tomaro and the upcoming weeks
she's expected to need a 6 week recovery...
well just hope for the very best!

other announcements
i lost 2 followers! T-T
i would really like to have at least 50...
if somebody could help me out that would be awesome ^_^
and if you wanna help distract me just ask me questions on my formspring comment on any of my posts (here or my stories) or email/AIM me! my email is KittyBeri@aol.com, AIM is KittyBeri. and some of you have me on facebook as well :)
and i hope all my friends liked thier pixels! ♥


Koo said...

Cute pics!
Praying for your mom..
And I'll mail you soon :) I like emailing people and it'd be nice to get to know you.

Meri and Anni said...

Those pics are really good edit! Cuuute ^w^/

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

I'm praying for your mom! (>o<;; ) I wish her good health to the fullest!!♥♥♥

btd. said...

These are so adorable!

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