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Wednesday, November 17

nick is making me blog xD

well i'm not entirely sure what to blog about
o_o i didn't exactly have a topic in mind... n_n' heh heh...
well, if you guys remember back to some weeks ago,
in my post "novemberfever," i pointed out that today was destined to be a horrible day... which is why it is ironic that i wasn't sad when i woke up this morning... (also ironic because i found out one of my friends also died yesterday... RIP Corrine T-T) i really thought i would be, but i didn't even have a bad dream. and since i wasn't in a bad mood, i decided to stay in a good one :)
nicko was in a bad mood though... this is a bad day for him
you know that person i am jealous of? it is her birthday today...
i wanted him to be happy. so i pulled on my optimism and tried to cheer him up :)
seemed a little bit doomed at first >_> but i got through to him :)
i got him pumped to get to a high score on a game
then soon enough had him giggling and being normal again :)
i'm so happy i could get him back in a good mood :) i hate when he's upset
well now i'm bored o_o
i just got out the shower and i need clothes xD
i sang the whole time to random old songs
mostly old 80's music
this post was so random xD

i love you nick!


Anonymous said...

hilo! i saw what you made for rabbito! how sweet of u =D

Anonymous said...

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