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Monday, November 15

hardest thing in the world.

i hate this month.. i just wanna skip over it.. i'm so serious
i dont want wednesday to come.. and i dont want thursday to come..
i can't concentrate and i have to do a monologue on next monday
November 22 -my unlucky day.
i'm not going to make it in the school play 
i wont be able to memorize the part i'm supposed to read
i cant do it.. it's too much..
there's only one audition day. i'm not even going to try out..
and this morning me and nick had a fight.. and last night we had a fight.. mean words exchanged... i wont get into detail but as you can tell by my post from the middle of the night last night, i was really shook up.
he was sweet and tried to cheer me up after it, because he's sweet and he doesnt want to fight with me... but i cant help but be upset after we fight...because we never fight.
i almost said something i really would have regretted :( i just want to hide in a hole...
but i cant do that... hiding wont help anything... we have to stick together and make it work but i didnt know how hard this would be :(
i need all my friends right now
just pray for my mom and me & nick and my family
we need it..


☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Say sorry to him although it wasn't your fault and everything will be alright. Believe me. I really hope everything would be fine!! I mean you and Nick are an ideal couples and I don't want anything bad happened between you guys! (> <|||)

And one thing for you to remember:
I love you Berry! ♥ o(^-^)o

Meri and Anni said...

Fights are awful.. But I hope you get well soon!!♥ :)


Oh my God! Please get well soon. Cheer up my berry! Everything will be fine.. ;-D:-D

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