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Wednesday, November 17

[[ᶫᵒᵛᵉ ᵧₒᵤ]] - I was thinking about you ^_^

dear nick,
      i was daydreaming about you all day today ♥ i miss you! the main thing i've been thinking about is what you said on the phone last night. how you said you love me so much, and you don't have even the slightest clue of how to describe how much and how i make you feel...

you already know this, but i feel the same way about you

isn't it crazy? we are both very smart people, regardless of the way others percieve us and that we both think alot and are sensitive. the simple fact that we are clueless of how to describe our own feelings just says something right there! we are so perfect for eachother :)
     we were both scared and sad and all kinds of confused, and the past two days we've seen eachother (even though it wasn't as planned and something cut us off both times) i still cherish the moment. because just a glimmer of your smile makes my entire life brighter. i'm so glad that we're back on track with eachother and it just astonishes me every day to realize how long we've been together, how much we've been through, and how happy we are together. no matter what happens, no matter who makes who mad, no matter who's sad, we've been inseparable, even in thoughts, since the day we first saw eachother and that's how it will always be.
wow, i'm choking up about to cry with how happy i am right now...
i love you so much, you make me so happy!!

i think we should make a new word :)
call me later baby ♥
~ xoxo, kitty

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