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Saturday, November 20

this is my work... well i do the spot lights for magic shows. its a pretty cool job, i blogged about it last year as well when i did a show. well that is me sitting in the lighting booth, it's very dark except for these small bright lights that shine on your face really strong that make really wierd shadows >.< i also have an all access pass! that means i can go anywhere in the building :) its pretty awesome. they give us free dinner and i ate soooo much bread @_@ and they had mashed potatoes drowing in butter...i think i just drooled thinking about it *_* opps...i drooled on the touchpad...anyway, they had this cheesecake that had an oreo crust but had chocolate. walnuts and caramel on top. IT WAS SO GOOD. i wanted another piece but someone else got it :( the butter there was so creamy though ^_^ mmm... *drools again* now im hungry T-T 
while i was working i had brought my laptop with me and nick didn't want to go to the show so i left the computer on and turned on the webcam and a program i can see his screen ^_^ one time i looked over at the screen and he had screenshotted me! i was like O_O it was probably a funny face i made xD he said he would blog about it so he'll probably post the screenshots :) actually he just sent them to me so here we go!

small pics but you get the idea :)
the light was taller than i was but if i had lowered it then it wouldnt have reached over the window >.< but i'm a trooper! :D haha xD i'm the best spotter they've ever had, they said so themselves :) it makes me feel proud.
haha he caught me while i was drinking a sprite too xD

well thats about all for now ~

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Saving Capulet said...

it's amazing to have a job and actually enjoy doing it, this is a really cool job! + free pass + free food. me likey! and lovely photos berry <3

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