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Thursday, November 18

nicko sang me to sleep last night :)

first of all, thank you for your post rabbito! so glad you liked my pixel i made, i knew you would ^_^ and i love that icon on your post it is so true!! ♥ you rabbito! n_n
i would have commented but i couldn't figure out how o_o oh jeez i was so flabbergasted! [dont ask where i got that word from xD] 
second: hello to my two new followers!! joee joe and bunnyluvers =) i'll check out your blogs soon :)
i wore red lipstick today ~
i put some on last night because nick said it would look pretty
but i couldnt get it off!!!
so my bottom lip was still red when i woke up @_@
so i just evened it out before i went to school so it would look better :)
 guaged my ear up a few days ago ↓ ↓
looks great right? need to do the other one now xD
look at this cute callage i made of me and nick's first summer together!
programs used: photoshop cs3, photoscape for notebook effect
[[click image for full size]]
i absolutely love it! i was so happy when i was finished =)
oh my, the memories ~ ♥
aww we look so young too :')


Aidyl said...

This is sweetness overload!!
You two fit together so perfectly!<3
Hahaha @ naughty pictures, they are awesome!! xD
What did you think about in the first picture? That face is super funny. xDDD

Red lipstick suits you well, btw. ^^

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Oh my God, what if your parents see the last picture... Hahaha! XDXDXD Both of you look cute together by the way♥♥

MizArWeN said...

i love how u edited all ur photos...so creative. its lyk a digi scrap. and i love it! ^^

Joee Joe said...

hello too xD aww both of you look so sweet together :) ♥

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