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Thursday, March 10

aeri is reading!

a rare sight to behold!
its for school...i hate to read =.=
books anyway...i like blogs :)
i'm reading paper towns...any one else read it? i'd love feedback
so far i'm bored with it, the only part i kinda like is that the narrator talks like me.
i had a dream last night o_o
it wasn't bad though
me and nick were in an interview with some lady and she was asking us about our relationship
she asked: how long we'd been together, whats the hardest thing we'd been through together, how life was going, how we met, how we keep our relationship going, what something special between us, how did we know we were right for eachother, how we met and stuff like that
during the beginning i got the hiccups (and i sound like a dying toad xD) and scotty was laughing at me :( it was kinda cute though lol
we were married in the dream, we had wedding bands on and we looked about 23 i guess
well, nick looked 23 and i looked about 16 lol my fountain of youth curse =.= thanks puerto rico haha
i think she was interviewing for a website because there was a url on her business card she handed to nick before the interview but it was blurred in the dream so idk what it was
we were all drinking hot coffees and there were apple danishes on the plates on the end tables
i'm pretty sure she was interviewing us in our house/apartment because i saw my "souls entwined" painting in the background and the curtains were lavender but the walls were burnt orange...sounds odd but looks really nice. we had beige couches and we were sitting on a love seat and she looked to be on a dining table
if we have all that maybe we were 25...hmm not sure
but we sure did look nice :)
nick had on his glasses and hair in a ponytail with a button up and khaki slacks
i was wearing a beige dress with a cut off black cardigan with flowers on it and black shoes, the lady had a navy suit and shoes with long blond hair that curled at the ends. she looked like this girl julia that was in my ballet class when i was little, she was mean to me though so hopefully it wasnt lol
it was a nice dream :) 
i need to finish 2 chapters and i have only 2 bells to do so O_O
i will be back! xoxo, aeribaby <333

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