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Wednesday, March 9

am i ugly?! ahh! hungryness, anxiousness, lent and got to see my baby :D

a girl in one of my classes approached me this morning
she said to me "you'd actually be pretty if you actually tried"
my reaction: 
i thought i was trying!!?
i thought i looked okay >_< considering we have uniforms
i thought i didn't look so bad D: ahhh
i cant believe she said that to me...who says that to people!
well, my boyfriend thinks i look pretty..
yesterday when i went to see him, i had no makeup and super mess hair >_<
and we were standing outside and he touched my face right by my eye and down my cheek and looked down at me and said "you have such a pretty face"
i blushed :) xD
i still dont really think i'm pretty but i'm glad he thinks i am :)
i am hungry...super super hungry @_@
and right now i am craving pizza and sour cream & onion chips
and ibc cream soda or jones....
and doritos @_@
i am starving .___. '|l
i am also very anxious for saturday ^_^
our day together ♥
like he said yesterday, he's been keeping his word alot lately
we got on that phrase because we were talking and he compared me to his friend's bat shit crazy gf...
i wasnt mad just because i never liked her and cuz she's nuts, or because i'm not like her, but really i just dont wanna be compared to anybody :\ especially not anyone bad..
yea, there are some things me and her do that may seem similar, but if you think of the reasons i did them and the reasons i became the way i am now, we are not the same at all
she was jealous and crazy and fighty even before they dated,
we never even really argued until we had already been together almost a year, and we still dont necessarilly fight, its more like misunderstandings and we don't scream or yell at eachother
we have a completely different kind of relationship than they do from my prospective
and i like ours :)
the only relationship i've seen that is similar to ours is my friend Kelsey and her boyfriend
okay...me and nick are giving up something for lent
well...we're gonna try xD
i'll give you a hint...its gonna be really hard (no pun intended)
catchin what i'm throwin? ;>_____________> yah..
i either think we're going to completely do it full force or we'll completely fail and give in
(also no pun intended >___< )
we only spoke briefly about it so i dont even know if its a fesherr plan but we'll talk today
i got to see my scottyboo yesterday ^_^
i was happy about that
it totally took me by surprise too, he just said "i wanna hang out"
and i was like yay! cuz i didnt expect it :)
i love how much we've been seeing eachother...
its making me so extremely happy
~~its a super sweet feeling~~
i love how he's been to me...its a little bit different than he used to, but a good different
i'm still not used to it (which is bad since i like the feeling and its been a straight week already)
he always keeps his word now, and always wants to hang out and talk
and we actually hang out like 3 times a week now~~!~!!!
eee! i could definately get used to this :D
♥ ~ xo,aeribaby ~ ♥

1 comment:

Joee Joe said...

O_O your're nt ugly at all >:( your're sweet ^^

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