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Friday, March 11

s u p e r c u t i e < 3 3

this morning i had a really sweet feeling ~~~
i was happy because i mostly slept very well ~
but i also woke up late >_<
plus it was out of uniform day~~ 
so had to rush to find a dollar~~~
then i was about to run to the bus and i saw my phone had a message, i briefly saw that it said "tsunami in japan" and i was likt O_O oh god
but 2 seconds later my phone rand and it was my nickobaby,
i thought he called by accident, but i still answered anyway
(bcoz i am amused by the sounds you hear when people butt-call you xD)
but i said "hello" and got back a solemn "hey"
and i was so excited and happy!
he called me on purpose :)
i love hearing his voice in the morning ^^
he's got the absolute cutest half sleep voice in the whole universe!
even baby alien kitties wouldnt sound so cute~~!
we talked for the maybe 7 minutes before my bus came
and then we texted and had cute convos :)
i said i wanted to snuggle him all day and he said:
Haha i would like that baby ur so beautiful and you fit so perfect in my arms it feels so right. ur skin is so smooth and soft and you always smell good   so you can snuggle me as long as you want"
and then we both had wow moments and went crazy with the cuteness!
he even said "glameep" which is a word we made up to describe our happyer-than-happy-ness over a year and a half ago now...i was so happy <33 i love him so much :)
just a sweet moment for the morning :)

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