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Tuesday, March 8

cant wait till saturday :3

 i cant wait till saturday
i got a cute date on that day 
 i am very excited 
my scotty is planning a whole day for us :)
from morning to night...
and he's gonna cook me whatever i want 
isn't that sexy?!  my boy can cook!!
 i think its super sexy >;3 hehehe ~ 
i chose eggs, bacon and pancakes for breakfast,
went oldschool and chose crustless pb&j with peanut butter celery for lunch
and he's gonna surprise me for dinner :)
i'm so excited!! he is so  lately  i love love love it 
 you're the best 
this is my shoe :) our nicknames, our anniversarry and our song 
cute huh?? in purple gel pen :) hehe
i love many things in life now :) everything is going the right way
and i super love it!!!!
only thing missing is that rabbito isnt back from camp yet!
when she comes back every thing will really be super great again :)
i miss my beefee 
she needs to come home ^_^


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