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Tuesday, March 8

cute dream :)

last night i fell asleep nice and slow. i woke up after having a cute lovey dream :)

it took place in the morning and i wake up outside laying on a blanket and sleeping bag. i felt something warm and looked over and nick was fast asleep holding me. i smiled at him and turned towards him laying down, just looking at him admiring his sleeping face, his perfect facial structure and long eyelashes just smiling in awe of him. i draped my legs over his and got comfortable and we slepts a little longer. this time, he woke up before me and he kissed me and i woke up. my eyes got big as i was surprised and ten we smiled to eachother and hugged and rubbed noses. he said "you wanna eat something?" and i said sure and he got up, then helped me up. "i'll be right back" he said. i waited and just looked around. we were on his back porch. 3 little white butterflies were chasing eachother into the next yard. "i'm back" he said with a smile  and had a big plate of food. there was 2 scrambled eggs with pepper and salt and a cup of coffee for each of us with tons of sugar in a bowl because we like it sweet. "lets eat at the swing" he said so i said alright and  i slipped on my sandles and we walked down to the swing and he lit up a fire in the pit. it was a cool morning. i noticed a bag on his left arm as we sat down "whats that?" i pointed to the bag as i forked a piece of egg in my mouth. he smiled at me and i gave him a confused grin. "s'mores for breakfast?" he said. my eyes lit up and put my arms around his shoulders and kissed him on the cheek, we both giggled and he layed out all of the stuff on the seat between us. we both had our own rods and put the marshmallows on to roast them. we both made two to start out. with big smiles we fed them to eachother at the same time, dropping graham cracker crumbs all over our black shorts. i had marshmallow across my face after he shoved it in my mouth and i didnt know why he was laughing at me until i saw my reflection in his glasses. i pushed him a little and said to stop laughing at me and instead he laughed again, kissed me and licked the marshmallow off my face. we went back in the house after we were done eating and i freshended up in the bathroom. then we went into his room and played dragonball z budokai tenkaichi 3 in versus mode, after we'd dueled 5 times, he won 4, his mom came in and said goodmorning and asked us if we'd already eaten and we said yes and she left. his dogs wandered into the room. lexie licked my arms until i petted her, then i petted gunther when he came in. after a few hours of hanging out, talking and drawing together, his mom called us out for lunch and they had a lot of food laid out getting ready to be cooked. me and nick went swimming and splashed out eachother in the pool until the food was done then we sat down at the table outside, i made sure i got the sunny spot. i had root beer, a met, some ribs and a few other things plus corn drowned in butter. nick was eating 2 burgers, also had root beer, some corn and macaronie. his sister came in with dave after a few minutes and they ate with us. i remember some random conversations about school and college and what everyone's been up to. nick's mom said she rented a movie and we were gonna watch it downstairs, as soon as we got up i woke up.

wow...in the dream, nicks mom let me stay the night o_o that had to been a dream xD and it was definately in summer too. hopefully i get this as deja vu :)

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