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Thursday, March 10

update on my interests:

status: taken and getting happier every day
favorite colors: purple, green
favorite band: HIM
hobbies: dancing, blogging, drawing, photoshop, pokemon emulators, writing
favorite flower: lily
favorite consanent: z
favorite vowel: i
favorite weather: warm and rainy
favorite drink: rootbeer \ cream soda
favorite coffee: french vanilla latte from walgreens
favorite snack: chocolate covered pretzels \ doritos
favorite candy: m&ms, cookies & cream bars
favorite ice cream: coffee (actually always been the best but just had it for the first time in a long while. it's amazing!)
favorite language: finnish
favorite anime: Beck \ Hidamari Sketch
favorite gesture: head tilted to the side
after highschool plan: doing 2 six month certificate programs online then attempting to get into DAAP at University of Cincinnati

anything you'd like to know, ask :)
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