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Monday, April 25

10 Day You Challenge

stolen from Koo...I like doing posts like this.
Ten Secrets:
  1. i really love sweets, even though i try not too
  2. i'm sensitive about my weight, but not being fat...being too skinny
  3. i hate my whole body, i wish i could change it.
  4. i wish i wasn't black. sounds harsh, but that's why it was a secret.
  5. i secretly wish that someone was obsessed with me.
  6. i secretly want to be an entrepreneur
  7. i'm really shy about showing my affection.
  8. i'm afraid of leaving my house.
  9. i am always afraid that someone i care about is dying and isnt telling me.
  10. i absolutely hate that my life didn't go how i planned. only one part wasnt planned, and thats the only part going right, i love that.

1 comment:

Aidyl said...

Nice challenge! =)
Hahah, I think the sweets-thing is the same with most people. Sweets are evil. xDDDDD

Too be honest, I think we are pretty similar in most of our 'weird' characteristics.
I'm also afraid of leaving my house and i am afraid that someone i care about is dying. I think that is the main reason I get so impatient and crazy with my bf sometimes.
I always fear that it's the last time we meet, the last time I get to hold him and therefore wamt everything to be perfect.
And if it's not, I get really upset. =(
Anyways, Im on my way to change...

I'm trying to create a more personal blog at the moment as well.
But dont know where to start.. idk xDD


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