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Friday, April 29

my drink matches my jacket~

i really love this pic for some reason ^_^

my friend brought me a green tea today,
it tastes pretty great ^^ and matches my jacket xD
i like my hair today :)
i'm really happy today! today is our senior luncheon,
we get out of all our classes after 3rd bell
and we had to dress up
im wearing my last year easter dress with the teal bolero
cant wait!!!
i've been thinking about it all night
dreamed about it too <333
its gonna be so fun and so perfect :) i'm gonna take tons of pics!!!
this is gonna be a cute page in my book :)


☆(´O`)RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Yaaay for the date!♥♥♥

konayachi-nyan said...

OMG! How can the can and your clothes color is the very very same? XD Nice!

mitsuki yumiko said...

i like the necklace. so colourful!!
your hair looks nice too! i like the volume at the top..
woohoo for the date! :D

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