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Thursday, April 28

found one of my old drawings on photobucket o_o

cant believe i found this xD
i drew it in 9th grade
and for some reason typed a caption
i did it for all of my drawings back then,
in the myspace days xD

i have a huge collection of anime originals for photoshop and cute quotes / funny gifs / backgrounds,
makes me wanna make layouts xD
i love my blog though :)
its like myspace plus xD

well, now that i'm getting the hang of making layouts :3
i feel like re-doing mine, but i like it too much D:
haha i'm hyper :D i have a mountain dew!

i miss nick :(
i want it to be tomaro already!
love you bby >.< muahh!

ttyl everyone!

1 comment:

bballbabe95 said...

Okay! It took me FOREVER where to find to comment on. <3 ahaha. Okay, thanks for the comment on the bridal post. :)) I love the dress too! So gorgeous. And I think you should go for the raccoon look. It's super sexy! And hardcore. ;D

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