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Monday, April 25


been a long boring weekend...
i've just been in a bad mood the whole weekend :/
partially because its that special time of the month
got a visit from my little "monthly friend" ugh
i went shopping on saturday ~or was it friday?
and got my 2 dresses, a sun dress which i wore for easter and a dress for the wedding in May
it's gorgeous :) i need to fix the straps though...they're a little too long
but the dress is teal, and the perfect teal that i love :)
nick suggested that color, he thinks it suits me best i guess
i agree :) it makes my skin look softer
and with my hair black, it does wonders for my skin :)

well, today i am not going to dance class.
last week, there was a bit of an issue
see, the past 3 weeks, this new girl has been coming to the class...and she does absolutely NOTHING. ( if you saw my completely profane msn status last week, this is what it was about. ) 
i can usually get the dances pretty fast, but sometimes i have to step out
i have to watch to get the steps, then i come back in and rock it
well, she complained to me saying that "people in the class feel uncomfortable with having 'an audience' and need me to participate" ...I DO PARTICIPATE! i have never sat out for more than 1/6 of a song >:/ and she said NOTHING to the girl that does anything.
then she went over and complained to me my mom.
i confronted her, i said "i'm an adult. you just talked to me, you dont have to run and 'tell on me' to my mom." my mom defended me, because she knows i do things, she watches from a hidden room at the top floor. that same lady made her go up there because she decided she didnt want people to watch the class. she's not even the teacher. and no one has any problem with me in class or the way i learn, so it's just her. and she's the office manager, and she for some reason thinks that entitles her to do whatever she wants.
my mom said she might tell the directer/owner, who she's good friends with, who could get her removed...she said she's probably about to be removed anyway, i dont really wanna go into it.
my mom said that i can dance at somewhere else, because she was also pretty pissed about what happened too. my mom is one of those people who doesnt stand for being mistreated like ever.
so pretty soon we're gonna check out Planet Dance downtown,
it's a dance school, it costs a little bit more than the one i'm at now...but the studio looks really nice
the faculty there is really cool too, they have thier experiences listed on thier page on thier website and thier website looks really cool!
and they have musical theater...ahh :)
i'm really looking forward to it.
i was going to dance there this summer anyway, so i guess its not bad.
and nick said maybe we can go on a date today :)
and when the new pirates of the carribean comes out we're going to see it together :)
hopefully more dates to come...
i love dates....

well i'm gonna mooch money off my friends to buy ice cream at lunch lol
or maybe chips, because school doesnt have what i want
i am craving a ChocoTaco >.<

well, ttyl..

1 comment:

huy tran said...

red does suit you i reckon too. LOL@Monthly friend. Hahaha. *patpat*
ughs. office manager just looking for trouble. thank god for your mum watching aye? :)

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