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Wednesday, April 27


**i think  im gonna stop smiling in pics forever...i hate my smile**
life is messy right now.. but i am trying to fix it.
my basement keeps flooding, it is getting really horrible, bit i have an idea.
there is a small room in the basement, big enough for just a bed and some shelves, with a deep closet next to it.
my plan is to move out of my room and move into that small room, it's elevated about half a foot so it wont flood like the rest of the basement, and we can use my old room for storage so our things dont get messed up.
it's perfect...plus it will get me organized with the smaller space and help motivate to unpack more
so then even if the basement does flood more, our things wont get ruined.
on the 30th (saturday) me and nicko have a mall date :)
we're going shopping and he wants to buy me stuff >.<
but it's gonna be fun :)
im gonna get new guages and some cute underwear and stuff xD
and play on the escalators :3 heeheehee yeahhh ^^
&heartsl ♥ doing it on the 30th cuz its our anniversary :) 1 year and 10 months ♥ ♥
he wrote me a song...
it's so beautiful ♥
he put alot of emotion into it
i almost cried when i heard him play it over the phone
and then when i plugged in my headphones
i heard everything else i didnt hear yet
at the end you can hear him crying..
and when he cries its really a crazy thing..
the fact that he has cried infront of me before was a really insane thing to me, because it has only happened one time that i've seen him cry
that sort of vulnerability from him made me actually feel closer to him
like he really does need me and depend on me
he was like a totally different person, and after i calmed him down,
he had this aura of pure innocence that i had never seen from him
he was looking up at the sky and talking about how pretty the stars were
and how he could see all of them...then he hugged me tightly and we just layed together
kind of like a child...maybe the only moment i felt like he was actually younger than me
but it was really special to me..
despite how crazy that day was, i'll always remember that moment
him crying in the song reminded me of this a little,
feeling like he really needed me..
hearts; it's my favorite song ♥
i also looked at more mp3 players:
wholesale 4GB Couple Necklace MP3 Player Set(2 Pieces)/ Lover's MP3 HF118
its shaped as a heart/people kissing :) 2 piece set
4GB, 43.99 and comes with earbuds
wholesale 4GB QVGA Panel All-In-One Media Player (DV/MP3/MP4/Game/Camera/FM Function) 2 Colors Available (KLY241)
plays music and videos and has a cam :) a must have!
4GB, love love love it! so cute :) i want the pink one!! ♥
found them on lightinthebox.com

maybe on later <3


☆(´O`)RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Lol why do you hate your smile? D;
You look cute and innocent when you smile y'know!♥♥(^_~)

btd. said...

I love your smile! Wow, almost 2 years that you guys have been together? That's amazing. I think it's beautiful that he shows vulnerability to you. I adore those mp3 players !!!

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