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Tuesday, April 26

horrible day :( but getting better..

yesterday sucked super :(  i had a project for school, ended up failing it because i was supposed to interview a teacher and she didnt reply to my email :( so there went that...she kept changing what she said too which made it that much more confusing :/ then when i got home, me and nick got into a really big argument-thing and i was just hurt by alot of things and it came out, and plus a feeling i didn't want to admit because i was scared of what he would do and it messed with his head..i didn't mean to :'( i feel so bad about it.. then a plumber had to come to turn our hot water back on and almost had to give up a 50$...turns out all i have is 50$ :( so much for shopping.. then we looked downstairs and my grandma figured out that our basement is totally flooded...including pictures from my childhood that i had been looking for that i've never seen :( i was about to cry ..i had a horrible headache re-visit from crying (and the kid hitting me with an umbrella at the restaurant yesterday) and my whole body was just aching, while we had to clean out the entire basement of all of the wet boxes. i just wanted to sleep...but i couldnt...i was wishing nick was there to lay down with me and make me feel better, just like last spring when he came over to make me better when i was sick, he brought over my favorite game and came to my house to lay down and play it with me. it was really sweet.. and he's writing a song for me now, he's been rapping lately.. he was listening to alot of deep emotional style beats for it. and he wants to go to the mall with me soon too, seems like he wants to go today, and i hope its today :) i still feel bad about what happened though :/ i think seeing eachother will make it alot better..it's been too long.. we're supposed to hang out today. not even lightning can hold me back.
till later...ttyl

1 comment:

huy tran said...

hope you guys had fun meeting up. seems like you had a really bad time lately. and wth at the kid who hit you with an umbrella?? :s

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