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Sunday, December 27


i was talking to Nicko and Alix today
Alix and me have been friends since i was 8
she's known me longer than i've known anyone
even if we get mad at eachother we always forgive in the end ^_^
she's like a big sister
thats her on webcam with me &dar; ↓

no she is not picking her nose!! hahaha XD
or maybe she was...idk lol
her bf is sitting behind her playing Naruto lol
i wish i was with my bf rite now :(

aww she drew a cute panda ^_^

wierd XD XD

i tried to re-pixel myself
cuz of new haircut, ya know?
turn out like this so far...

not finished yet lol
gonna put new clothes on me too
heh heh heh...

idk just thought this pic was pretty  lol

1 comment:

Mina said...

Alix is pretty! ^_^ That new pixel of you looks HOT! XD

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