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Wednesday, December 30


photoshop is so confusing!!!
all i know how to really do...
is edit backgrouns T-T


☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

kikiki~~~ i only do pixels in photoshop XDXDXD

i think eu better than me XDXD

sweetmango said...

create layers and start working your magic on each layer, then change the opacity of each layer.
youll get the hang of it :) you are a clever girl!

sweetmango said...


here try this link, if you scroll down it also lists other posts, they are all ps tutorials, but they are the type that you are after i think.
check it out.
btw you no longer on twitter? i cant find your account??
have fun with the tut's

Mina said...

Don't they have tutorials online?

Mina said...

I tagged you in an award!

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