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Tuesday, December 29

technology @_@

today i got to cam with my adorable boyfriend :)
i love him so much ^3^

he's so adorable *daydreams*
i was smiling so big lol i cut it out x)

he was playing drums
he got a new double bass pedal ^_^
he's amazing at drums

his puppy bella! she's cute but im scared of her lol

he's got 2 ganeboys lol

haha he showed us what we look like!! :D

idk why the screenshots cut off like that
but you get the point haha

also, today i got photoshop
and i used it for the first time...
its complicated!!
i can hardly figure it out!
this is the first picture i made with it

that right there...
took me 2 hours -_-'

i know how to use brushes and take out backgrounds
and download fonts...and thats it
im slow XD

but thats my new desktop background ^_^

these were my past 2

oh yeah,
how bout i ask you all a question!
look at this screenshot

based on my password hint,
do you think you can guess my password?

hahahaha XD


Mina said...

Gameboys!!! That's cuute! That picture edit is amazing!

Anonymous said...

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