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Saturday, January 2

thank you rabbito!! <3

after one of my post i learned that i wasnt the only person feeling the way i am

when times are feeling down you can always count on someone to pick you back up
rabbito picked me up all the way from malaysia ^_^
thank you rabbi-chan i love you!!


Jan Di said...

i know how you feel too...
lately I've been having much the same feelings about my "best friend"

Not sure what I'm supposed to do. I want a one and only best friend too ><

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

berry-chan o(T-T)o long time no see ne!! o(> <)o

how are you, girl??? XDXDXDXD

well, we started school today~~~

& we have given tons of homeworks!!!! o(T-T)o

can i have your cellphone number pls?? o(^-^)o

or your address?? XDXDXD

i wanna be your pen pal ne XDXDXD


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