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Friday, January 1


wow i look like such a creeper!!

well anyway,
i went to the mall for about 10 minutes
looked around then waited to be picked up

i got mistaken for a boy again -_-
i was sitting against the wall with my legs against me
and i was wearing a hat
the only makeup i was wearing was eyeliner at the time
but i was wearing girl clothes!

a group of girls walked past me and said "aww look at that kid!"
then the other girls were like "aw he's so cute" and
"aw look at the little emo boy"
i just laughed and went back to staring at my phone
thinking to myself "wow, i have boobs. you guys are retarded"
do i look like a boy?
do i look like an emo boy?

wth i have a girl face!

i think... :/
haha XD

i do not like "emo"
its so annoying to be called that
i cant stand it
i just hate labels in general

i cant be labled!
i dont fit in a label!!

i mean yeah sometimes i can look like one if i want to but i was all-chick today!
 they said i was hot and they wanted hugs
i just kinda looked at them and went back to minding my own business

i dont mind girls hitting on me...
if they think im a boy, then that does nothing for me!
hahahaha XD

some girls are retarded

1 comment:

Mina said...

Wow, they are retarded. I woulda just laughed in their face. LOL

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