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Friday, January 1

new years :)

hope everyone had a good one!
i spent my new years with my boyfriend
we watched Travis Pastrana set a world record rather than watch the ball drop

my favorite part of tonight was just seeing his pretty face <3
since its break his facial hair has grown back so im happy about that, haha
i missed his beard!!

we cuddled on the trampoline
just like last time we were at Chris's house
we seem to always have special moments on that trampoline
maybe we should get one when we're older XD

i still think its cool how he's not afraid to love on me infront of his friends
its awesome how he doesnt hide it from people :)
it makes me feel so special <3

and what do you think of the picture?
am i getting better??

1 comment:

Mina said...

The picture is really good! I'm glad you had a great time on New Years!

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