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Tuesday, December 29

a good night with a first <3

today was bad
but tonight was amazing :)
wanna know why?
well, earlier today
something happened that put me in a bad mood
because i dont like my happiness to be tampered with..
then Nicko said he would come to the movies with me and my family
so he walked all the way home
and we talked on AIM thru webcam for a while
then got dressed
and my mom got home then we went to pick him up
we saw Sherlock Holmes
a couple parts i almost crapped myself lol
and Holme's character kinda reminded me of nick in a way
it was really interesting and i loved it!

then the best part:
the car ride home

i was cold, so nick hugged me
but while he was hugging me...
i fell asleep
which is a big deal for me
because i have insomnia

but i fell asleep within about 1 minute
and i had a dream me and him were singing together
but we hit a bump and i woke up
i was like "woah...i fell asleep"
he smiled at me,
i had fallen asleep in his arms <3
and that smile he gave me was the brightest i've seen
it was beautiful

i fell asleep again
a couple times
then i woke up again
i had 4 dreams and they were all amazing
then there was the kisses goodbye
...they were amazing
i didnt wanna stop
and he said i love you and good bye
but in a soft, sweet whisper

sounds perfect
because it is,
you can ask him yourself
tonight was nice :)
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