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Friday, January 1


photoshop is getting addicting...
i like figuring out all the stuff i can do with it
and finding out how i like things to look
although i seem to stamp everything with a heartagram
...im just supporting my favorite band lol

my friend Dominique answered a question on facebook and said i would probably join a cult if it had to do with HIM (the band)

i would never in my life join a real cult lol

they do say the band has a "cult following"
the same has been said about My Chemical Romance and The Cure
but that doesnt mean its necessarily a cult,
they just have alot of hardcore fans
...i am one of those fans

and to make things clear:
its an inspiration not an obsession.

in the meanwhile,
i'm sitting here sipping on coffee
which definately needs to be re-heated..
because its cold (DUH)
and starting to taste kinda, well ya know...BAD
yeah, bad coffee. eww

i'm thinking about going to the mall later,
i have a tiny bit of money and my favorite store is have 50% of clearance, i am SO there
i probably wont even be able to get anything
because im an XS in shirts and that size is always out
because little kids want to feel grown up and go to the Juniors section
which is not nice

since its the new year, i guess i'll post a few things i'd like to accomplish in 2010
-have a good birthday
-make new friends, GOOD FRIENDS
-get a job
-actually pass the year (school)
-gain some self esteem
-learn to drive
-finally look my age (LOL LIKE THAT'LL HAPPEN)
so thats some of the things i hope to do
wish me luck!

i hope all of you with resolutions get through what you want to :)

1 comment:

Mina said...

I hope you accomplish all your resolutions!

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