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Wednesday, May 26

goodnight from nicko :)

i adore him <3
i took this picture at 11:10,
one minute later, i wished for him to dream of me
and i hope he does :)
in 6 days when school gets out, he's rushing to my house to see me
and i cant wait..i miss him so much
Nick, i love you so much <3
[g o o d n i g h t e v e r y o n e]


rineko said...

wow wow wow sis berry,

u sure have a good boyfriend,

hopefully sis will be happy always with him,

pray for u kikikiki

ja ne ><


sorry about the delayed comments berry :) whoa~ he's so sweet. you are very luck to have him :D

Aidyl said...

Wow~~! That is so sweet of him to always send you lovely messages!!
My boyfriend should take that as an example (<__<)
I wish you all the best and hope you can see eachother sooooon!

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