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Tuesday, May 25

yea thats a smile :)

i really do miss nick alot, yesterday we were going to try and hang out
and we got excited because his parents said we could!!
but then while i was walking over, they changed thier minds :(
his mom did that on suday about church too, it makes me sad
but im not giving up so easily >.<
every chance i get that a even might be able to see him im gonna still try
and seeing his message this morning really made me happy :)
we talk alot now, over IM and webcam and i like it :)
its not the same as seeing eachother in person, but i can still see him
and that makes me happy :)
sometimes we get on teamviewer and get on eachothers computers
or we watch the same movie and talk about it together
and i love talking to him this much! it makes me happy :)
and he knows it...
because he checks my blog all the time!!
sometimes when we're on the phone i can hear my blog song playing in the background :)
he says he tends to look at me more when he cant see me
i dont mind the attention ;) but i wanna see my nicko boo!!
i love him so much <3 im glad we can still be this close like this :)

well i have a busy school day today,
im working on artwork, long lesson in math and the senior drama party today!
then later today i'm supposed to be going to a Wine Tasting with my mom for the dance company she is in >.<
i have to be all dressed up!! wish me luck today :)

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