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Saturday, May 29

on the phone with nick, ♥

of course we ended up talking about how much we love eachother..again..
he was studying and then all of a sudden thought about me and just sounded like he was in awe
...it gave me butterflies :)
he feels like he's not good enough for me and doesnt know how to describe how much he loves me, and thats why he always wants to buy me things all the time because he wants to make me happy, and people are jealous of him that he has me
he's more than good enough for me, he's the best for me, and people all over would adore having a boy like him in thier life.
there are so many numbers of people who are jealous that i have him, he's so amazing in so many ways
i could go on for hours and hours just telling him everything and how much i love him and treasure him
he's my favorite person in the whole world.
he's my oasis in the middle of the desert, 
my only ounce of peace left in a whole gallon of chaos,
the missing piece of the puzzle of my heart,
his love is stained on me and bleeds through me like permanant ink onto a napkin and will never go away
just like i shot into my veins for his love to continuously circulate through my bloodstream to keep my heart beating
and its true, because i live for him
all day, every day, i just cant wait to hear his voice
and even better, to see him
any kind of hope that i will be able to look directly into his eyes makes my whole face light up
everytime i see him, i just cant help but stare
because there is this beautiful replica of every dream i have ever had, all carefully and perfectly sculpted into one magnificent masterpiece of a human being...i'm always just in awe of his beauty
the way his nose is a perfect, rounded triangle,
the way his lips curve, and his perfect smile
his amazing, starbursting eyes, the soft curly hair
the perfect skin tone of a young native american...so beautiful..
the way his body was custom made for me by God so that we fit perfectly when we hug
and i can wrap my arms around him so comfortably
...i wish there were more words in the dictionary so i could better explain my feelings for him,
but that's why we have actions and art and music...to help us with these things ♥

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