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Friday, May 28

i fall in love with him over and over again, every single day.

i love that he feels like that :)
i love him so much!!
this is one of these things that have been consistent with him the whole time i've known him...
its like he lives to me, thats what it feels like
to wake up early and IM in the morning to tell me he loves me makes me feel special,
he used to say goodmorning by texting me, and he still says good morning even though his phone is taken
ever since i've known him, he has gone out of his way to make me feel happy, confident, beautiful, comfortable and loved...and its such a good feeling to know someone would do that for me
when i first saw him, he went as far as doing a trick off the back of my ex's truck to impress me
then he had me hang out with him and even bought me coffee just to make me happy
he came to my house early in the morning on a saturday to give me my two favorite things
he asked me out in person just like i've always wanted
he's quoted lyrics to me like i've always wanted
he's not scared to act silly and brags about me and takes me places
he tells me im pretty no matter what i look like or what im wearing and actually means it
and he fixes problems when they come up
among so many other things...*daydreams*

he's perfect...i love him so much ♥

even though i havent seen him for a long time, i feel like i have reached a new level of happiness with hom for some reason
and im so anxious to see him!! ahh <3
i honestly fall in love with him over and over everyday and it feels so amazing
just to have the feeling of getting buterflies whenever he talks
or the way i swoon when i feel my phone vibrate when he calls me or when he IMs me
he always has something to show me and it makes me happy that he shares the things he likes with me
and i do the same :)
he's just unexplainably beautiful to me, it just makes me want to cry tears of joy
it really does :)
nicko, i love you!!!!!

1 comment:

Koo said...

This really reminds me of me and my boyfriend :)
You share an amazing relationship!

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