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Wednesday, May 26

a p a r a j i t a ♥

this is my boyfriend...in what should be his true form :)
an indian chief! "aparajita" is one of his names in Cherokee
it means something around "victory" which suits him :)
i spent a long time on this edit, and after my frustration and guidence from my Cherokee baby himself, i have finally finished this project which i have worked on for about 2 days :D
and im lovin it alot!!

he chose me a Cherokee name too :)
it means small, shy and dark

fits me perfectly!! :D
just like he does <3
i love my little Indian Chief :)

1 comment:

Aidyl said...

OMG! Awesome editing work you did there! (*___*) It looks amazing!
He has Cherokee roots? How kool!

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