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Thursday, May 27

i need some music!

every morning i listen to music to wake me up
and it works for the most part, but i really just want to be out of school already >.<
lol i look like a deer in headlights XD
still enjoying nicko's cute good morning texts <3
it put me in a better mood after i had a really bad dream
i was feeling distraught for a while...
it woke me up at 4 am and i was disturbed
i didnt even want to talk to anybody because it upset me so bad
and i mean anybody...
it seemed so real :( i hate those kind of dreams
him saying "good morning" and "i love you" got my mind off of it

when i woke up i saw i had an IM from Rineko! 
i forgot to turn off my laptop and fell asleep without turning it off!!
i love you Rineko im sorry for not replying sis >.<

this morning i found out that Paul Gray (bassist for the band Slipknot and one of my idols)
died a couple days ago :( omg!!
all of my favorite musicians are dying :(
i pray to God that he keeps Ville Valo alive

dont i look like Gaara from Naruto in this pic? haha XD

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