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Wednesday, May 26

safe from failure :)

this is me, priming a display board for Art class :)

one of my projects, i never turned it
it had been covered in paint on a day i wasnt present and it was over half-way done so i never finished
well, i needed to make that up for the points...
1. i dont want to fail
2. if i failed, i wouldnt be able to be a mentor next year
3. i need the credit anyhow
there was work that needed to be done,
the teacher needed someone to paint a surreal landscape on the display board
so i volunteered to and i primed it today, will start painting tomoro
i asked the teacher if i could count that in place of my project and she said yes!!
i'm going to pass!! :D i'm so happy!

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aww~ do your best berry! i love you~

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