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Sunday, May 23

grrr >.<; wierd mood today!

[pic from yesterday]
i am frustrated today ~
nick's mom wouldnt let him come to church with me so i was sad :(
and he was upset as well and i could tell...
but he said 
"i want to take my anger out on you 
and i usually would but i wont"
which made me feel a little better...
sometimes he would take out his anger on me even if it wasnt my fault
but everyone does that to someone at some point in thier life ~
i do that to my sister sometimes, and to myself alot :/
but it really meant alot to me that he said that
because it shows that he cares alot about me :)
things like that always mean something special to me...
like there was a point in time where he didnt like me as much as he used to..
but he said he wanted to fix it and he did <3
and i still get[c h o k e d  u p]when i think about it
because its so special to me that he would do that
because most people will give up on a relationship when they stop liking the person they're with
but he didn't :) unlike everyone else, which is one of the many things that make him so special to me

my favorite bra got messed up in the dryer
i'm on the phone with Nicko
I'm eating non-stop @_@
i lost all my bobby pins
and im watching the movie Sex Drive 
XD wierd movie...

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