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Friday, April 15

bad day already ( > . < )

i'm in first bell atm and im very bored. today is the senior out of uniform day and it turned out my clock in my room was slow and i had to sprint to the bus.  when i got to school i figured out my wristband had fallen out of my pocket and they made me buy another instead of just gave me one so that used up my lunch money  i had a yummy english muffin with  sausage egg and cheese   for breakfast but it made my stomach hurt, i went outside to the career center to drop off a note and a bird pooped on my shoe  ugh. and nick wasnt talking much this morning either  blehh...i hate mornings like this
casi siempre mierda como esto sucede -_- ughhh
on the book i'm making for nick i have completed 50 super loving and adorable pages i have enough pictures for about 3 more 2 page spreads, enough poems for about 10-15 more pages, some drawings and some more fun stuff its a  super cute project and i would show you, but he reads my blog, he's seen some of it but not all of it, and i at least want some of it to be a surprise  
now we are starting our senior memory book in senior english,
i was like "grr this is conflicting with my nicko memory book!" xD
but it will be an easy grade, cuz when you present it at the end of the year it counts as your exam grade. i'm not very good at presenting because my class is about 40% disrespectful to the people talking and make side comments that always annoy me and piss me off -_- but i'll still do good :]
la la la la~ i'm listening to The Used :) i love this band, Bert writes some seriously good lyrics, and his voice is really strong in emotion...he puts so much feeling when he sings and the vibe of the song completely changes. like the way he sings Best of Me is so different than the way he sand I Caught Fire, it's really cool how he can do that. when singers convey feeling in the way with thier voice i always think of thier talent so much higher than people who solely just sing well. because not all singers can do that.
i think they are definately one of my favorite bands again :) in 8th grade i was obsessed with them for about 2 weeks because one of my friends always listened to them, the first song i heard was Pretty Handsom Awkward which will always remain as one of my favorite songs :) i love it.

wwell i'll blog later, ttyl :) <3

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