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Friday, April 15

La La La, ♥

well today got alot better :D at lunch me and Labby brought our spare change so we could get something to eat and we came up with 1.35$, which isnt enough for very much. we ended up spending 1$ on ice cream! all the ice cream is 50 cents and we never looked until now. "so you mean all this time we could have eaten ice cream like EVERY DAY?! ugh!" i know Kaitlin, i feel the same xD we were mad about that because last year it costed more lol  
also, my teacher asked me to design a t-shirt for our anti-bullying campain in the mentor program that i am in.  my friend Amber helped me come up with the idea and then i made it in photoshop cs3 . here it is :)
this is the original, but our school colors are blue and gold so i converted it to our school colors and sent her the images in an email

she was so excited about it and i got 20 points extra credit :)
i cant wait to see the shirts, its gonna be so cool seeing MY design on a t-shirt, even if it is for school.
i'm proud of myself :) the whole class congratulated me :)
meador said she especially loved the sword being yellow :)
i am super happy right now ahh!!

well i will blog later if anything else happens :) ttyl loves <333


btd. said...

I love your new banner! You look so smexi! xD I looove your hair! Ice cream is yummy, lol. Love the design you did!

☆(´O`)RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Amazing design Aeri! (^___^)b I'm chooo proud of you~~ xDDD ♥

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