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Tuesday, April 12


i dont say how i feel for a REASON! i dont' not share my feelings just cuz i dont want to, its because I CANT.  now i remember why i made a private blog. i cant say whatever i want without someone being upset. remember the promise?
or do you still care about it? i thought you did, you said you wouldnt forget?
i'm not trying to play games...people do change, you changed, i changed, you said i'm not even the same person that you met almost two years ago. and i'm not being childish, i cant believe you're calling me that. you know me and you know everything that's going on, knowing me and loving me like you do, i cant believe you would judge me :'(
and nick, "Puppy" is a girl, it's Kaitlin, so idk why you have a bad feeling.. she's been my friend the whole year. she's not even a close friend just a good friend, i just wanted to have a friend :(
i'm in a bad mood bye...

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