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Monday, April 11

goooood morningg ^_^

good morning, all ^^
there are alot of super dark clouds outside now D:
i think it might storm...i hate storms 
they scare me :( ahh
this morning i am wearing the same style as yesterday
im starting to love this style again ^_^
it was cuter when i was younger, with shorter hair
and it used to be curlyer, so the ponytail looked like a poofy little ball xD
i hated it then, but now i think it was cute :)
my guages look cute :) i have a rhinestone stud in my ear also
in the whole next to my guage ~ ~ ~ ~ 
hopefully i get to see my babyboy today ^_^
and after 2 lazy weeks finally back to dance class @_@
i dont even really want to go now :( i'll be so embarrassed
i hate being behind...everyone is going to be better than me now~!!
in the mean time, i am now at school
but i am soooo tired, i dont even wanna be here >.<'
i just wanna curl up on the couch and sleep
or on nicko's bed :) because its super comfy <33
i miss my cute lover! :( his snuggles are so sweet ^_^
he has very thin cheeks o_o so cute :D

well thats all for now i guess :) blog to ya later!


MOON said...

Your hair is so cute like that! :D

ウィンターちゃん Wynter said...

Squeee neh, I love your hair Aeri~! ○(>x<)○ I hope that when I get older I can look sort of like you (but me still, haha, if that makes any sense??)

Anyway, thank you SO MUCH for tagging me on both your sidebar and that piece of paper~! So sweet!♥

~Wynter Chan


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