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Wednesday, April 13

you know,

my life may be on the computer, but at least i have friends on here that wont betray me. my life could be all out in the world and doing horrible things to people and doing horrible things to myself. my real life isnt that good, and this is my way of escaping it. some people use drugs, but i use a hard drive and its alot better.
i may not always act mature, but no one is always mature, even old people have a child inside of them. and some adults are more immature than i am. and the way i think sometimes and you can see it most when i think about love, i am not immature at all. i'm always serious and i don't play around.
i'm stronger than you think, because i've been through things that people kill themselves over and even though i did try to do that and failed time after time, i'm still alive and i still try to be happy. i don't harm myself and i try to make other people happy too. i have an extra add-on to my life that i dont even talk about and i can deal with it and accept that i have it, when other people would rather die than admit they have a problem.
i may not like to be around people i don't like, but i'm nice to them even if they're there. i still try to help them if they ask or need it.
just because im not like everyone esle doesnt mean that i'm wierd or crazy. being different can be a good things and if people knew the real me jmaybe they'd atually like me.

lots of stuff on my mind...going to lunch...

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