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Tuesday, April 12

morning sunshines :)

good morning from your favorite Berry, Aeri :)
i got the heart shaped clips in my hair :) pink & yellow on one side, 1 pink on the other
pink blush, white shadow, pink gloss and black winged eyeliner
i got this comment from Wynter B this morning ~
you're very welcome i cant wait to see what you do with the tag :D
and i'm glad you like my hair :) and i know what you mean xD
thanks for the sweet comment
i am a little bit sick today despite my bright face this morning
i woke up at 3AM with a super evil stomach cramp and couldnt get back to sleep  because it hurt so bad  i got up and took out the trash, did makeup and pinned up my hairs in the back  then left for the bus. i didn't even want to stand  i was so tired and sore mehhh
i'm listening to a bunch of music now, just being bored
doing my page for yearbook~ need pictures~~
blehh but dont want to take them
i hate invading the classes to take pictures of them >.<
i wanted to see nick again today
but i see that i am not wanted at his house  . .
his mom complained at him last night saying "kitty is here like every day"
which made me feel like shit . . . honestly she seems to enjoy having me there when she talks to me at dinner and stuff but i guess not . . . i feel dumb for that  ugh. .
i really hope we don't go back to only seeing eachother 1x a week again. .
i hated that... we are so much happier together when we get to see eachother alot, when we're apart for a long time we get paranoid and mad at eachother all the time and i dont want that :
i love my nicko baby
i hope he passes his math test, he's got a big one today :)
 good luck babyboy
that's all i got for now my friends,
will blog later :) got classes to attend
and getting observed by another school today in my Mentor Program
wish me and nick both the best of luck!
byebye ^_^

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