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Sunday, April 10

been a boring day...mehh...
basically i woke up and got ready for church,
then ended up not going - _ - '
listened to some music, watched some anime . . . 
had a very small breakfast and waited for nick to get online to talk
then we talk- talk- talk all day long :) i love that
i liked my bangs this morning, they were doing almost what i wanted xD
i like the second picture...i think i look..."fluffy" lol 

something productive i did do today,
was: this kawaii notebook i am making for nick
kawaii, eh =) its special...
i am filling it to the brim with pics and stuff
its very cute on the inside also :^_^
i would show...but nick follows my blog and i dont wanna spoil the whole thing :P
its an anniversarry present for next month...
our 1 year and 11 months anniversarry :) may 30 <33
then for june, we are having 2 weeks of our own holidays we make up ourself,
because we knew eachother for 2 weeks before we dated =]
isnt it sweet <33 i cant wait for summer =)

till 2maro...ttyl :)

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