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Tuesday, January 5

2 hour delay.

(pics from a couple days ago)

i wish i hadnt had to go to school AT ALL!
i hate that horrible place >.<
today we had a 2 hour delay because of the snow
and i fell a bunch of times walking to the bus stop
so my butt was all wet T-T
very very very uncomfortable
and cold!!

but anywayz,

last night after i posted my last post,
i got up and started getting ready for bed
then i sat down on my bed and checked my phone
i had 1 missed call
i had 1 text message
i had 1 new voicemail
the missed call and text were from Nicko
so i text him back and told him sorry because i was getting ready
then he said to check my voicemail
so i did
and it was the cutest voicemail ever <3

"dang it! you didnt answer, now i cant hear your pretty voice.
so what am i gona do now? im just gona be bored and not happy...jeez, now im bored and not happy. dang it! (laughs) o well, you should just call me back cuz that would be pretty cool. i dont care if it's at whatever time, just call me back, cuz i love you and wana talk to you..alright bye!"

so of course i called back
because nothing is better than to hear his voice before i go to sleep <3
i love him so much <3

1 comment:

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

kawaii berry-chan XDXDXD

i like your pics in this entry~~ o(^-^)o

eu look so feminine O(^3^)o

anyway~~ since eu are native english speaker~~~~

can eu help me wif something?? o(*-*)b

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