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Monday, January 4

today was boring...

today was my first day back in school...i didnt want to go AT ALL! i was thinking of just dying or something to get out of going XD but we're supposed to be getting some snow tonight...which i will not be happy about unless it at least gets us a delay. nothing much eventful happened today, besides that i didnt get yelled at at all (THATS A FIRST THIS YEAR!) and we had a dumb substitute teacher in psychology who i've heard bad things about...i didnt bother to do my work because i've heard that teacher LOST a weeks worth of work in someones class and made some teachers mad. she would answer me and the girls besides me with an attitude as well even though we were speaking in correct tone...which i didn't understand.

and finally, my new years resolution:
to be in a band that actually works out.

lets see how that goes XD
i've always wanted to be a lead singer...
i could be a lead singer/bassist like peter steele :D
except im about 2 feet shorter and 30 years younger...
and a girl......
and i probably wouldnt play bass as a lead,
i dont know how to write songs that way yet
but when i figure it out, ITS ON!


i got back my razorblade necklace for christmas XD
wow that is such an ugly picture... o.o
but yeah i love that necklace ^_^ kinda lost it though...
and the chain was too long XD XD XD
but i have another one! its old haha and idk what it is...
found something on the ground and put it on an old chain i had 
but hey whatever works hahaha, 
and funny thing is 
that it looks better than that!! 

hahahaha poor necklace has been pwned by litter! XD

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