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Friday, January 8

*sigh* ...

eventful day, i must say...i had a nose bleed and passed out for a while @_@ i think i died XD i still feel a little bit sick but nothing too bad now..
good things that happened:
yay!chatted with Rabbito on our cell phones!! first time ever!
yay!saw milo dinosaur on Rabbito's blog XD XD
yay!made a giant sandwich (didnt like it then but thinking back it was good!!)
yay!finished 6 sections in US History

i spent most of the day working on my online class
im glad i actually got something done, haha

did a big long post about love that i started working on yesterday ↓↓↓
i dont really like the way i worded it so i was gonna delete and start over
im too lazy to re-type all that!!


now for the latest Ville Valo creation:

inspired by the HIM song "Beautiful"
(click to enlarge to see the lyrics)
i think i didnt do too bad on this..
but im no pro XD

tomoro doesnt seem like it will be a better day,
i'm prepared for the worst and hoping for the best

1 comment:

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

kikiki~~~ i am so hapi cuz eu posted about our chatting o(^-^)b

i feel like appreciated by eu ne~~

thx ya~~~~ m(_ _)m

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