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Sunday, January 3

"Did you really say 'who is Ville Valo?'"

(photo is edited by me original here) Some one asked me on formspring the other day "i really like the angel picture of Ville Valo you edited on your blog...but who is he? haha" i answered: "DID YOU SAY WHO IS VILLE VALO!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! its in the post!! well he's my favorite singer/songwriter and lead singer of the band HIM from Finland. he writes the most amazing lyrics, im telling you, you HAVE to listen to this band. Love Metal = <3"

i think everyone should know who he is
and some people dont find him attractive,
but i do!

but its not completely the physical attributes
its mostly the talent and personality

i discovered ville valo from watching Jackass when i was younger
As you should know by now he is the singer for the band HIM
i loved the band from the get-go and started listening more and more
Ville Valo not only has an amazing talent to put his emotions into writing and the way he sings
his lyrics are romantic, emotional and poetic which is just my style
and i've seen interviews of him and videos of him and Bam Margera and others and he seems so personable and nice, he has a sense of humor and a cute laugh haha
singing wise, i've never really heard a voice sounding like his or the way he sings

looks wise, he's just as attractive as his personality is
the long, brown hair, the pretty eyes, nice skin
the shape of his face, a sweet smile
he's really lean,
close to perfection (to me)

he also paints, btw and the band logo the heartagram is a symbol he created himself when he was twenty years old, it's a cross between a heart and a pentagram and has a similar meaning to a yin yang. i have a dvd with an interview  of him saying that among other things.

a quote from Ville: 
"i've got a big heart and a small brain"

he's like me, i'm the same way.

i'd advise you all to check out the band HIM and listen to thier lyrics, or just look up the lyrics themselves.
listening to the songs he's written helps me not feel alone sometimes because i can empathize with the emotions in his lyrics and thier songs. 
every feeling of love i've ever had, he has expressed in a song.
thats why i love this band so much.
its an inspiration to me.

songs i've been listening to lately:
Killing Loneliness
And Love Said No
Bleed Well
Wicked Game
Passion's Killing Floor
Venus Doom
Razorblade Kiss

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